Lean Products and Tools

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Kanban Tools

Improve your kanban system with kanban tools from Excellovation including: heijunka boxes, lot formation boxes, kanban blanks, and more.

Magnetic Forklift Traffic Safety System

Improve safety and productivity in your facility with visual magnetic forklift traffic safety signs from Excellovation.

Magnetic Icon Kits

Improve the efficiency of your mapping sessions with our magnetic VSM and Flowchart icon kits from Excellovation.

Professional Kits

Add to your continuous improvement tools and training modules with our professional kits, designed for facilitators and practitioners.

Training and Simulations

Teach your employees about lean, continuous improvement, and more with our training and simulation kits from Excellovation.

Visual Display Boards

Visually manage your projects and operations using visual display boards from Excellovation.

Visual Management

Communicate information quickly and easily to everyone in your organization with visual display products from Excellovation.

VSM Individual Icons (Large)

Purchase only the VSM icons you need from our Large Value Stream Mapping Kit.

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