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Visual Management


Magnetic Safety Cross Diplay Board

Safety Cross on 2' x 3' Magnetic Dry Erase Board This visual system is made from laminated vinyl and then applied to a magnetic dry erase board. Visually communicate safety pe...


Employee Idea Implementation Starter Kit

Increase employee engagement and process ownership with the Employee Idea Implementation Starter Kit. This system utilizes visual management to drive its success and sustain mo...


Magnetic Machine Status Display Board

Visually manage the status of the machines in your workshop or manufacturing facility: Running Limping Down Location to write the reason machine is limping and when it is ...


Day-By-Hour Magnetic Display Board

Magnetic Day-By-Hour built into a 2 Ft x 3 Ft Magnetic Dry Erase Board Visually manage your production line hour to hour while maintaining data for continuous improvement. Thi...


Magnetic Safety Cross

Visually communicate your safety record over three months to everyone in your organization. The crosses can be placed on any metal surface, and should be updated daily using th...


Magnetic Dry Erase 5S Measurement Visual

5S Measurement Visual for display on any metal surface. After every 5S audit simply erase old data and apply new data with the current date. Measure 5S performance on a scale ...


Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar

Magnetic dry erase calendar that can be placed on any metal surface. Dimension: 8 x 10.5 inches General purpose calendar that can be used for any month. Great for placing on ...


Magnetic Lockout / Tagout Signs

These tags are a visual aid for workers to be placed on machines. This system is not intended to replace the required OSHA Lockout/Tagout System, but is used in conjunction as a...

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