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Excellovation Videos

Scout Defect Counter Software System

Improve your defect data collection process with Scout from Excellovation. Scout is a visual software system which displays defects in real-time while collecting data for later for root cause analysis. Create an environment of "all knowing, all seeing, and all acting".

Lean Manufacturing Examples using Flex Craft

World Class Manufacturers are switching to Flex Craft due to lower cost, ease of assembly and speed. Create quad steer carts, fifo (first in first out) shelves, workstations in minutes.

Kanban Tag System

The Kanban Tag System offers an innovative design to be used across most methods and processes. Attach your labels to our powder coated steel tag, which can be used in supermarkets, point of use, kanban posts, schedule boards, FIFO, lot formation boxes, and heijunka boxes.

Value Stream Mapping Magnetic Icon Kits

Improve your Value Stream Mapping efficiency by minimizing the time needed to draw. The magnets are simply placed where you want them, and can be moved easily. The time spent to erase and redraw is minimized. If you struggle with drawing, this kit will improve the communication and understanding of your maps. This tool also re-enforces value stream mapping standardization across the organization. Music: http://www.bensound.com

OEE Insight: in-depth look

This video is an in depth look at the OEE Insight System from Excellovation.